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Masters of the Craft: Kirsten Notten on Storytelling & Sustainability

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Over the past years we have worked with hundreds of people, bringing them the skills and techniques of the Craft of Storytelling. All of our teachers are Masters or Grandmasters in this field; each one in their specific area.

Take the wonderful Kirsten Notten for instance.

Kirsten Notten speaks on Sustainability

Kirsten is a Master Storyteller focussed on policy making issues. Trained as a philosopher and Storyteller, she works on a governmental level, cosied with social entrepreneurs to strengthen the power of the people in climate policy making. She is one lively, smart lady.

We gathered in the beautiful gardens at The Hague’s City Oasis ‘Spinozahof’ where Kirsten explained how to use Storytelling in creating Sustainability policies for governmental organisations. Kirsten asked us: “Do we recognise our present dominant myths and do we realise the power they have over our communities?”.

These dominant narratives can be - for example - ‘the absolute need for economic growth’. Or ‘our human mastery over nature’. These beliefs are deeply embedded in our global culture and guide our political and daily choices. Meanwhile, nature is showing us we need to change. But how do we change what we believe to be true about ourselves and our societies?

If we want to change the way we look at our world and at ourselves, we need to change our story. As a society, we need to acknowledge our dominant narratives and understand that we can change them around by reshaping and retelling our old myths, legends and fairy tales. All the wisdom we need is already there, for us to be discovered...

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