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Stronger Together
International School of Storytelling

International School of Storytelling

The number one school for The Craft of Storytelling in the world.

Yo7KA Anna

Our friends from Cairo

They are doing amazing things to get children to enjoy stories, both listening and reading... and maybe even telling some themselves!

The English Theatre

Just the best people and our great friends!

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Such an inspiring place and a true Embassy for the World of Storytelling.

Natural Born Storytellers

Natural Born Storytellers

Natural Born Storytellers create fun, supportive and welcoming spaces for anyone to tell true stories live.

Michael And Caja

International Storytellers

Flying all over the globe and all around The Netherlands, spreading the Storytelling vibe.

Verhalen Fontein

Storytelling Foundation from Rotterdam

Our partners in Storytelling and the creators of the Mythical Marathon.

Stichting Vertellen

The National Association for Storytelling in The Netherlands.

Proud participants of this association.


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