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Upcoming DISC Events


Growing your own style of Storytelling

We offer a wide variety of courses, both for beginners and advanced storytellers. You will develop tools and techniques enabling you to master the Craft of Storytelling.


Whether engaging large crowds or intimate gatherings in a personal or business capacity, we will help you develop your Storytelling skills and your own personal style of Storytelling. You will develop confidence in communicating directly with others, and we will encourage you to enjoy the process of creating or adapting a story - discovering the fun in connecting and sharing tales with each other.

Get a firm grip on the basics of the Craft of Storytelling.

Learn the Craft of Storytelling beyond basic level. 

Use Storytelling in a professional way.

Custom-made one-on-one courses.


“It is a great first dive… Handy, practical, useful, insightful.”​

—  Barbara

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