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4 classic types of Storytellers

The term 'Storytelling' has become more and more popular and we find this craft in many fields; in theatre, in business, in marketing, in film, in writing, etc.

But what is the Craft of Storytelling? And who is a Storyteller?

To put it very basically: a ‘Storyteller’ is someone who stands in front of other people and tells a story.

The term: Nowadays the term ‘storytelling’ or ‘storyteller’ is used a lot; especially in business and marketing. It is used freely, since the terms are not legally protected and are free to be used by anyone in any way.

But ‘the Craft of Storytelling’ is more than a term.

The Craft: is a traditional oral craft; started by cave women and cave men, handed over for generations, improved and polished over centuries and that keeps its roots within any culture, anywhere, all over the world.

How and where is the Craft of Storytelling used?

Traditionally the Craft is used in 4 fields:

1)    The Storyteller Entertainer: tells and creates stories for theatres, festivals, private settings purely to enjoy a good story.

2)    The Storyteller Educator: tells and creates stories as an educational tool. (schools, businesses, workshops, etc.)

3)    The Storyteller Carer: elicits and tells stories to help people reach a more healthy state of mind. (trauma, autism, dementia, etc.)

4)    The Storyteller Historian: researches and tells stories to a specific group to inform them on their group history and group identity.

Of course, often these fields are combined in someway. With all our activities, DISC focuses on the Craft.

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