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The Story Stoep

It has many names and shapes around the world, but wherever you are, de stoep is often the best place to sit down and catch a story. Here you will find links to every season of DISC Radio, our space for exploring new ways of telling stories.

DISC Radio

Image by Ben Weber

Season One - What story changed your life? 

Connor is joined by friends and strangers from around the world, exploring six beautiful answers to this question. I must apologise about the order of the episodes here, I cannot seem to fix it! I do recommend listening to them in order btw, so consider it a tiny adventure through the stories. 

Sand Hills

Season Two - Same Same, But Different 
(Coming this World Storytelling Day)

As part of the MythLab, six storytellers set out on an adventure late last year into a world entirely of their own creation. They have now returned with six beautiful stories in tow, and want to share them with you!