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Storytelling for children

Play. Learn. Grow.

Stories grow with us throughout our lives and every age has its own interests, focus, questions and needs. At DISC we know how to select the right story for the right age and how to adapt a story to the different age groups.


Bringing Storytelling into the classroom has a lot of benefits. 



  • enhance listening skills

  • increase verbal proficiency

  • encourage the imagination and creativity

  • help children to consider new ideas and cooperate with each other

  • give children a feeling of well-being and relaxation

Practical information:

Recommended course duration is 40 minutes per group.

Location: at your school.

For information on fees contact us for a custom made price offer. 

Storytelling for teachers

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Storytelling is a powerful element of communication, with the narrative being equally as compelling as essays and textbooks. They humanize learning. It offers us the opportunity to connect to like-minded characters, or see the world literally from within someone else’s skin. Stories touch our emotions — a sharp contrast to a plain old presentation.

Telling a story can captivate an audience; that is, with the right techniques and a little practice. 

In this course we will offer you practical tools on how to work with stories in your classroom. You will gain insight on how the brain functions while telling stories and receive a practical blueprint on how to integrate Storytelling into your classes.

Practical information:

Recommended course duration is one full day (10.00 - 17.00).

Location: at your school.

Fee and certificate: € 1200,- (one day, one group at one school)

or € 175,- for individual subscriptions.


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Private Coaching.

DISC Storytelling coaches can help you reach your goals through private, one-on-one storytelling coaching.

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