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An old dog in the Jungle – an African Tale of Wit & Wisdom

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

In the deep Jungles of Africa, an old dog had wandered away from the village and got lost. He could not find his way home and went deeper and deeper into the Jungle. “No need to worry yet.” he said to himself, “My life experience will help me and the sun will guide me on my way.” So, he buggered on.

He did not notice though, that a young lion was following him from a distance. The young lion had spotted the old dog and said to himself, “This creature looks edible. Never seen his kind before. I might just chase him and have him for dinner.” So the lion started rushing towards the old dog with menace.

The old dog noticed the young lion speeding at him and started to panic. But just as he was about to run, his eye fell on some bones next to him on the ground and they gave the old dog an luminant idea…

He grabbed one of the bones and spoke out loudly, “Mmm…that was some good, juicy lion meat! And there’s plenty room for more!”. The young lion abruptly stopped his tracks and thought, ” Whoa! This creature seems tougher than he looks. I better leave while I can.” And he ran away.

Over by a tree top, a witty monkey witnessed everything. Evidently, the monkey realised that he could benefit from this situation by telling the young lion what truly went on and getting something in return. So the monkey called out to the young lion and proceeded to tell him what had really happened. To which the young lion said angrily, “Jump on my back, Monkey. And we will teach this creature a lesson that will cost him his life.”

Off they went: the young lion with the witty monkey on his back, rushing towards the old dog. As soon as the old dog saw the monkey on young lion’s back, he realised what had happened and started to panic again; now even more than before. But then another idea jumped to mind. The old dog turned his back to the lion and the monkey and screamed out loud, ”Where the hell is that monkey! I told him to bring me another lion an hour ago…”

As soon as the young lion heard this, he threw monkey to the ground and dashed away, deep into the Jungle, never to be seen again.

Big problems might seem to be creeping up on you and in those moments you might feel defenceless. But if you approach them with confidence, you might just get away with it…

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