Dutch International Storytelling Centre

A centre bathed in the craft & quality of Storytelling, where people come to enjoy and share stories.


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  • Beginners Courses

    If you want to start at the basics and begin building your Craft from there.

  • Follow up Courses

    If you are ready to take the building of your Craft to the next level.

  • Crafted Courses

    If you feel you want to dive deeper into any specialised area.




  • Storytelling & Dementia/Alzheimer

    We have hosted a series of 3 seminar days on how the Craft of Storytelling is of service within Dementia Health Care.

    Mia Verbeelen, Jos Slutter, Sylvia de Koning, Prof. Philip Scheltens, Dr. Betty Tijms, Kees Deenik, AnneMargriet Veldhors, Kasper Bormans, Irene Bakker-Sterk, Desiree van Keulen en Michael Driebeek van der Ven

  • Next Storytelling & Brain Seminar....?

    What happens inside our brain, when we tell, listen to or work with the Craft of Storytelling?

    We are creating a new Storytelling&Brain Seminar as we speak....