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The Techniques of the Craft of Storytelling are being used in many, many ways. Not just for Entertainment but also professionally. Think of Conflict Zones, Businesses, Education, Politics, Health Care, Environmental Policies, Refugees; to name a few - and they work so well because they build from our natural skills.

But how to go about? And how do others?


We believe in the strength of Storytelling and how it helps creating a better world through connecting people and share knowledge, so we aim to spread this knowledge of how these skills are already being used by professionals as much as we can.


Therefore we offer a wide range of Applied Storytelling Courses, where we teach people how use the Craft of Storytelling in a professional work field. Regularly we program these courses; so keep you eye on our Agenda.

We offer applied courses on:

  • Creative Writing & Storytelling

  • Autobiographical Storytelling

  • Storytelling for School Teachers

  • Storytelling for Children

  • Storytelling & Community Work

  • Storytelling & Refugees

  • The Business of Storytelling

  • Storytelling & Sustainability

  • to name a few...

These courses are suitable for many levels. Often one can step in at any course from any level.
Courses are given by our Guest Teachers or by the DISC Team (Michael, Terra and/or Francine).


Upcoming Dates:

Check our Agenda, Social Media & Newsletters.


“It is a great first dive… Handy, practical, useful, insightful.”​

—  Barbara

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