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The DISC directors will take you on a fun and exciting journey to deepen "the Craft of Storytelling" in only two days! In this course you will discover the Craft beyond basic level, learn practical tools and brush up your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. We will work in a very small group, with loads of personal coaching.

"I understand the basics of storytelling, but I would like to master it better."

"It was a bundle of fun joining a DISC workshop and I would like more!" 

"I have a lot of passion for storytelling. Although I've never done a course, I am willing to jump into deep water!"

"I would like to work on a specific story."

If you recognize one of the inner voices above, this course is exactly for you!

We will be working on:

  • Intense private coaching on your story

  • Extended Storytelling Techniques

  • Building a strong structure to your story

  • Bringing your audiences into your story world

  • Speaking to the brain

Participants in this course are asked to bring a short story they wish to work on and are ready to tell. (Up to the length of 10 mins)

Limited places (max 4 people), book early enough so you won't miss it!  


Normally over a weekend but you can apply for 2 weekdays as well. Just drop us a line!

Special offer: € 250,- (official price is € 330,-)

(We offer this course way underpriced because we would like to give everybody an opportunity to experience the Craft of Storytelling.)


“This absolutely helped me find a better way to get my story to my audience.”​

—  Marc

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