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Beginners Course Storytelling

At our flag ship course, you will be given a firm insight into the basics of the Craft of Storytelling in a safe environment!

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Beginners Course Storytelling
Beginners Course Storytelling

Time & Location

22 apr 2023, 10:00 – 23 apr 2023, 17:00

GUNST, WAT 'N KUNST, Raamweg 45, 2596 HN The Hague

About the Event

The classic types of Storytellers 

The term 'Storytelling' has become more and more popular these past years and we can find the use of this craft in many fields; in theatre, in business, in marketing, in film, in writing, etc. But what actually is the Craft of Storytelling? And who is a Storyteller? What does a Storyteller do? To put it very basically: a ‘Storyteller’ is someone who stands in front of other people and tells (or works with) a story.

The term: Nowadays the term ‘storytelling’ or ‘storyteller’ is used a lot; especially in business and marketing. It is used freely, since the terms are not legally protected and are free to be used by anyone in any way.

But ‘the Craft of Storytelling’ is more than a term.

The Craft: is a traditional oral craft; started by cave women and cave men, handed over for generations, improved and polished over centuries and that keeps its roots within any culture, anywhere, all over the world. It is human's most natural way of communicating. Our brains a wired for story; our whole system is. We percieve life in a story way, especially because we have a sense of time. "First this happend, then that and finally it ended this way."

When we speak about events - however basic our telling might be - we do this in a story way. "I went to my mother yesterday and we had a lovely chat." is a story. The thing is; you are already a Storyteller! It is our natural skill and everything you need is already in you!

We are here to help you become more aware of how it actually works and where you could put it to good use...

So, how and where is the Craft of Storytelling used?

Traditionally the Craft is used in 4 fields:

1)    The Storyteller Entertainer: tells and creates stories for theatres, festivals, private settings purely to enjoy a good story.

2)    The Storyteller Educator: tells and creates stories as an educational tool. (schools, businesses, workshops, etc.)

3)    The Storyteller Carer: elicits and tells stories to help people reach a more healthy state of mind. (trauma, autism, dementia, etc.)

4)    The Storyteller Historian: researches and tells stories to a specific group to inform them on their group history and group identity.

Of course, often these fields are combined in someway. And the skills of The Craft are being placed in almost any field. 

We have trained:

- doctors, wanting to expand their skills in communication with patients.

- politicians, wanting to find better ways to get their message across.

- managers, wanting to spark their employees.

- clergy women and men, wanting to share their passion.

- policy makers, wanting to communicate their visions more clearly.

- scientists, wanting to explain very complicated matters.

- public speakers, wanting to speak more eloquently.

- teachers, wanting to educate on a higher level.

- just to name a few....

Whatever your need, aim or desire is; we will have the skills of The Craft to match.

And it is offered in the most easy way. In this course you will discover the foundations of the Craft of Storytelling, the main principles used in telling and the core skills to captivate and inspire your listeners.

We will do this via a joyful journey and plunge you into the fun and facts of Storytelling.

Because telling a story is within the reach of everyone. And at the end of the course, you will have a great story to tell!

We will be working on:​

*Natural Storytelling: how it is already in you.

*Your Mind's Eye: building the Images of a story.

*The Body of the Story: Understanding Structure and Flow.

*Public Telling: Connecting to you your audience and telling a small story within the course group​.

This course is suitable for beginners and people with little experience.

The course is given by Terra, Michael and/or Francine, according to availability at that time.


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