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Rumi's Candy Corner

We hope you're getting excited for our upcoming Rumi events: the Rumi Workshop and the Rumi Night, both with our friend Ashely. We have turned this little corner of our website into a collection of all things Rumi. We start with a pair of videos from our host for these events, Ashely Ramsden.

Tell Rumi Your Story!

Is there anything you want an acknowledgement of? Perhaps something happened during the COVID time and you had no chance to tell? Perhaps its a news of love, joy or loss and struggle?  Tell us your story openly (or anonymously) so that your story may have a place to land, and Ashley will reply to some of your stories with a Rumi poem in the Zoom live session.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Thanks for sharing a story!


Rumi Night Recipes

Usually we would all be gathering around Michael's table, sharing delicious home-cooked food along with the stories, songs, and poetry. Unfortunately, that thing happened, and well, here we are. We can't come over and cook for you, but we did gather a few simple recipes that we thought might help us all feel like we're sharing a meal together. Click the PDF button to download our recipe sheet!


Who was Rumi?

I'm not sure about you, but whenever I run across something beautiful, I want to know more about the people who created it. We'll hear from Ashley himself, but Rumi hasn't been around to tell us for quite awhile. So who was the man behind these magical words?

The Turkish public broadcasting service produced this short informative piece on the life of Rumi. As you will see even today, his legacy is a matter of much pride and even contention between different parts of the world. This is why we have offered you multiple perspectives on his story.

Digital creator and musician Iman Moeinian does a deep dive into Rum's story. This and a detailed look at the events that shaped Rumi's poetry and life is clearly the product of much research and love. An enjoyable and easy listen.

This is an excerpt from Rumi: Poet of the Heart, and 60-minute documentary from American filmmaker Haydn Reiss. Another perspective on Rumi's place in history, and something to ponder as our time together approaches!

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