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How did we get started?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Well, it all started with a trip to Edinburgh and a visit to the Scottish Storytelling Centre...

DISC - Dutch International Storytelling Centre was founded in January 2013 by Master Storyteller Michael Driebeek van der Ven.

But 3 years earlier Michael, together with his companion Caja van der Poel, performed at the famous Edinburgh Festival. One day they were invited at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and immediately felt at home; such an inspiring place filled with stories, soul and wonder; a true Heart of Storytelling!

Back home Michael searched for a place just like that in the Netherlands but he could not find it anywhere. All across the country he found the most wonderful, inviting and promising storytelling initiatives but none of those made him feel the way he had felt in Edinburgh.

“Than I'll set it up myself.” he said.

In Capetown he met Japanese Storyteller Norihiro Terazawa and climbed Table Mountain with him. Straight up, through heavy fog and humid air, they climbed their way to the top. There they were treated to a perfect ocean view. On this crossroad of Oceans and Africa, it became clear to them: "Let's build this home to the stories together!".

The Hague, with its International caracter, became the perfect setting for DISC. At Johannes Court, with its good spirited Brothers of St. John and its blessed atmosphere, DISC has found a perfect home...

In 2015, Scheveningen born and fisherman's daughter Storyteller Francine de Graaf joined DISC; creating with Michael and Terra the perfect DISC triangle.

So.... let's start telling stories!

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