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Storytelling at BlinkLane

We hope you're getting excited for the DISC + BlinkLane Storytelling workshop and Storytelling Night. If you'd like to know more about what we're planning to do together and what you need to prepare, we've got a video message for you!

Hello from us!
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Just to recap, your assignment for the workshop is to find a personal story for our theme: "Life is about change, because nothing ever stays the same." Remember we are looking for resolved stories that are 6-8 minutes long. Once you have one in mind, find a stranger, friend, or family member and practice your story with them! 

Stories from your Instructors

Last year your instructors Connor and Terra recorded stories for the Welcome to The Hague Fair. These stories are for a different theme but they are a chance to get to know us and our style of storytelling. We hope you enjoy them but don't try to copy too much, everyone has a unique style fit just for them!