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Become a STORY SUPPORTER, Support our Cafe's!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Take the time and think about it, we have all been raised by stories. Stories that made our hearts beat faster, made our chests grew fonder, our worlds bigger and even our imaginations bolder. You probably have a few in mind as you think back on your own favorite stories. Or stories you have witnessed and been a part of.

At DISC we have been sharing stories for years. Storytelling is the core of our activities. Besides giving courses we give room and space for anyone to experience the Craft of Storytelling by joining in and witness first hand amazing stories told by Master Storytellers from around the world. With even space to share individual stories by, perhaps, yourself.

We call these events our Storytelling Café’s.

Today, just as much as the rest of the world during the Corona virus lockdown, our Storytelling Café’s have gone online. Making our Café’s even more accessible for a wider group of people. These Café’s are free of charge. Why? Because we believe everyone should be able to be captivated, inspired and drawn in by the power of the spoken words. Even those who are not able to afford it.

But we cannot do this on our own, we need people like you, we need supporters to help us keep these extraordinary events free of charge.

By supporting us you are doing exactly this. Opening up the world of stories for everyone that is in need of connection, inspiration, laughter or even reflection.

Everyone has a story to tell, with the Café’s we can amplify these stories. Empowering you and others to continue to share stories and create a world of wonder and infinite possibilities in the minds of children and beloved ones.

Are you in?

You can support us via:

3. Direct transfer to our DISC account:

NL47 INGB 0009 4310 66

t.n.v. Stichting Dutch Storytelling

On behalf of everyone you are supporting: GREAT THANKS!!!!

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