We believe in the strength of Storytelling and how it helps creating a better world through connecting people, so we aim to spread the knowledge of how these skills are already being used by professionals as much as we can.

We like to put it out there since Storytelling techniques are already being used in so many areas - education, health care, conflict zones, businesses, building communities, to name a few - and they work so well because they build from our natural skills.

But how do we go about? And how do others?


Therefore we have started the DISCxTALK; these are moments where we offer our space to people who use the Craft of Storytelling in a professional work field and invite them to share their knowledge with anyone who is interested.

In the past we had Talks on: Storytelling in Dementia/Alzheimers Health Care, getting health carers, sientists, storytellers and general public into one room. We had a fascinating Talk on Storytelling and Sustainability at the Spinoza CityOasis, getting community workers, gouvernment policy makers, enviromentalists and general public together and on Storytelling and children with communication challenges getting teachers, child carers, parents, children and program makers together. All these Talks gave us deeper insight in how the techniques of the Craft of Storytelling are being used in many different professional fields and in the many ways they add very specific value. We are excited about the results and are fully in the spirit of offering you much more!

Current talks are on:

- Storytelling & Systemic work by Nancy Wiltink

Storytelling & Symbolism by Anje Robertson

Storytelling & the Brain by Connor McMullen

But more will come!


Do let us know, if you would be interested to give a DISCxTALK on how you are using the techniques of The Craft of Storytelling in your professional field. Please send an email to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com

Find the dates and topics for new DISCxTaks on our Agenda.