Our aim is to get the whole world sharing stories.

Telling your story and listening to the stories of others make us connect on a human level and we believe connected people create a better world. It is a simple as that.

To help us reach our aim, we have created a place for you to learn the techniques while we offer a wide variaty of courses in the Craft of storytelling.



All our courses are given at The Monastery.

From the 17th century on, the clergy has been offering their faith in this building. Now run by the Brothers of Saint John, we also can make use of its many stunning rooms: the stately Johannes Court wich feels like a grand hall, the Garden Room that opens its wide french windows into the inner court garden and the Beer Tasting Room that is actually still in use by the beer brewing brothers. In each room we are fully fascilitated and enjoy our privacy.

Choose your course.

Anyone can do this; You can easily start with a Beginners Course, later move on to a Next Step Course or even dive in deep with one of the Advanced Courses. Anything you want, in any order that suits you and in the speed that works best for you. Step by step you will learn the techniques of this beautiful and fundamental connecting craft.

And you can sign up!

You can find all the courses listed on our Agenda.

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