We believe sharing stories is great fun and very, very good for our soul. We want people to get together, sit with friends and cuddle up around a warm fireplace... or a big sofa... or in the middle of a sunny field... and start sharing some of those stories and enjoying fine food while we're there.

And that's why we started to organise the DISC Cafe's. They are EVERY 2nd SATERDAY of the month!

1) Most cafe's take place at Lunchroom 'De Overkant'. It is one of THE BEST places in The Hague and owner Yaron and his wife Janneke has treated us many, many times with their hospitality. Thank you so much, Yaron, Janneke and all the Overkanters!!!!

2) In the Sunny months (May-June-July-August-September), we move to the Scheveningen beach at Strandtent het Puntje. Owner (and wonderfull guy!) Aad is hosting us in his beach house and treating us to his amazing soups&salds. A MUST GO TO in the Summer!

Generally the Cafe's start at 19h and go on till 21h.


More info:

- Each cafe you can enjoy some fine food, like a soup or a salad. It is always vegetarian, mostly organic, completely home-made and preferably gluten/lactose free.

- We would like to suggest a donation of 15 euro's for food & stories.

- Stories at the Cafe's are theme (and often season) related. So, "Love stories for St. Valentine', 'Loooooong stories for the longest day', 'Stories around All Saints Day', and so on, and so on...

- Anyone who would like to share a nice story is invited to do so - it can be long or short - anything you like! Please send an email to


Upcoming dates/ or check our AGENDA:

Allways from 19h - 21h (walk in from 18h30 on)

Sat. 13th April: Storytelling Cafe @De Overkant

Sat. 11th May: Storytelling Cafe @Strandtent Het Puntje

Sat. 8th June: Storytelling Cafe @Strandtent Het Puntje

Sat.13th July: Storytelling Cafe @Strandtent Het Puntje

Come and join us anytime!