ONLINE Private Coaching on Voice and Presence with Terra

I would like to learn about storytelling, but I don't feel confident speaking in public.

In public, I do not know how NOT to get nervous or shy ... to speak to so many people ... No Way !!

I work with my voice, and would like to improve my skills on stage and in public speech!

If these are the voices inside of you, YOU will definitely benefit from these sessions !!!

Hi, this is Terra.

Do you know-

Our voice is an amazing instrument. And it is so strong that, just by that, we can create either love, inclusion or conflict and war?


It is a tool. Therefore you can learn and improve it ?? 

I studied Creative Speech Method in Israel (as in Hebrew)))), and I am an Authorised Creative Speech Practitioner by Goetheanum, Dornach.

These sessions are custom-made to your speech, voice and presence. I will give you practical tools to open your senses in space, to help you find your voice and presence in public.   

NO previous experience or preparation needed.
I will gently and profoundly guide your way to explore and find your real voice and presence !!!

Fee: € 20 / 1st Intake meeting
       € 50 / 1 hour, € 75 / 2 hours
      € 350 / Unlimited  (€ 20 for 1st meeting included, till you've reached your goal !!!)

Place: ONLINE via ZOOM

For questions and subscription, please send an email to: