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COURSE - Nov 18th (Mon)
~ storytelling in the classroom, Storytelling for school teachers ~  

This is a great way to get all your co-teachers together and get to grips with the basics of Storytelling and how to implement them into the class room. On Nov. 18th, we are invited to bring this course to The European School of The Hague and we are VERY MUCH looking forward to it!

But it is also availible for your school: Are you a teacher? Why not invite DISC at your school to give this special teachers course!

With Michael Driebeek van der Ven and Terra - Norihiro Terazawa

@"DISC" at your school

COURSE - Dec 13th (Fri) from 10h-17h

Delicious Laughter ~A day with Rumi~ by Ashley Ramsden

Rumi's poems are meeting places of the heart. They give the heart eyes, the soul food, the spirit direction.

A wonderful workshop day, in a private setting, working on Rumi and his teachings all day! Ashley wil take you by the hand to explore and work with the wisdom of Rumi's words, following the teachings inside his poems and together we experience what they address.


STORYTELLING CAFE - December 14th (Sat) Winter stories!

During the 'cosy months', we get together - every 2nd Saturday of the month - for an evening of fine stories and some delicious food at a warm and homely location. WE get some great storytellers to entertain you, and YOU just sit back and enjoy :-)

The Cafe opens at 18h30 - Stories start at 19h - Stories end at 21h
Location: Lunchroom De Overkant, Stationsweg 32, The Hague
Suggested donation: €15,- for food & stories (in cash please). We say 'suggested donation' because we would like to receive everyone. So, even if your budget is tight at the moment; do still come and join in! Do let us know if you would like to tell a story as well; we would love to listen to you and will enjoy it to the fullest! Please contact Francine:

SPECIAL - A Highly exclusive Persian Night in a private setting "Remembering Rumi"

December 15th (SOLD OUT!) & 16th (Mon) from 19h30-22h
by the Grandmaster of Storytelling Ashley Ramsden

Join in on an exclusive and intimate evening at a private home, right in the city centre. Step into the world of Persian Nights, take your black chai with cardamon tea, smell the jasmine and join Ashley on a journey through the tempting tales of the renowned Sufi teacher Rumi and get inspired by his wisdom, wit and tenderness.


EXCLUSIVE COURSE for LEADERS - May 18th & 19th 2020

The Business of Storytelling

An exclusive 2 day session on Leadership, at a private estate in the middle of the Netherlands, unveiling the transformational skills of Storytelling by Grandmaster of Storytelling Sue Hollingsworth.

For CEO's, MT's, politicians, leading military staff, leaders of private companies, heads of NGO's and international businesses, directors of schools and hospitals and others for whom the ability to tell a compelling story is an essential skill.


Start Telling Your Personal Story

A 2day-course on autobiographical storytelling by DISC Director Norihiro Terazawa - Terra helping you build your own story, handing you 'story structure', 'content coaching' and 'skills & guidance' on your story and how to deliver it to your audience; allowing your personal moment or message to become a... Truely Tellable Tale!

@DISC, The Hague


COURSE - Writing from scratch & Storytelling
~Exploring your own creativity through writing~
by Ninke Overbeek

6 meetings to inspire your creativity in writing and explore the co-side of Storytelling.

New dates for upcoming

- Tasters 

- the main set of 6 Thursday evenings

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You can book your own Private Coaching Session on Voice & Presence at any time you like, anywhere you like!

Plan your own sessions with Terra - Norihiro Terazawa and get professional coaching in extending your skills as a public speaker and a passionate storyteller.

@Your Place