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Herbal Tales by Annet Breure

Annet Breure is a Dutch storyteller, daughter of a biologist, passionate about plants and crazy about culture. She shares folk stories and information about the history, symbolism and use of plants around the world.


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Fortunes Told by Will O' The Whisperer

Our Dutch-Scottish Will O' The Whisperer brings you many self made stories, based in folklore that is so close to the heart and filled with modern themes such as sexuality and gender in a way that still evokes the feeling of fairy tales around a campfire. Fortunes told is a Storyteller’s look at the Tarot Cards, their collection of research and folk tales.


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Once Upon a Tuesday

Join our London based friends Michael, Natalie and Chris as we introduce and share stories told at Natural Born Storytellers. Honouring each with our own anecdotes and great conversation, you’ll feel as though you’re sitting together, sharing stories with friends.

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Making Myths by Connor McMullen

Enjoy the work & tales of Mid-Western USA Connor McMullen. You will find a record of his work with TU Delft's Multi-Actor Systems department exploring storytelling as a tool for sense-making and some of the stories he likes to tell.


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