Storytelling for Children at your school?

To celebrate the National 'Childrens Book Week 2018': 5 DISC storytellers told magical stories every morning at the European School of The Hague (ESH). Stories in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German; connecting them to the fascinating World of Storytelling!

This Storytelling Week was an initiative of ESH and focussed on their pupils only. In total up to 800 children enjoyed the magic of the Craft of Storytelling in their own class rooms.



You can not tell just any story to any age group. Stories grow with us throughout our lives and every age has their own interests, focuss, questions and needs. At DISC, we know how to select the right story for the right age. Also the way we tell a story changes according to the ages of our audiences. Telling a story to a 5yr old will be a very different experience from telling that same story to an 8yr old. Knowing how to tell a story, according to the ages in front of you, is a solid part of the techniques of the Craft of Storytelling.

Hmmmm...... maybe we should create a course around that....😉


if you would like to have a Storytelling Week at your school too; do contact us and we will bring the magical World of Stories to you as well.

Storytelling for Children contact: or 06-16630661