13. apr, 2019


We all are made of stories -we consist of the stories we heard and tell ourselves.

Personal story is a such an effective and profound craft that storytelling can cover.
It is about You, not about something that happened to someone else once upon a time. 

The words woven by the person who experienced the incident can have the power to penetrate straight to the audience's heart and pin them down.

How wonderful if you can get in touch with the power of personal story and are able to share your insight/wisdom with others?

In this course, DISC Director Terra will unfold a fun and exciting journey of getting in touch with personal story(=true life tale).
He will take your hand to let you grasp the basic craft of personal storytelling.

No preparation needed, it is suitable for beginners and people with little experience in storytelling. 
And it is also suitable for public speakers, performers, poets and word lovers.

Contents of the course:
-Stretching your storytelling muscles
-Structure of the story
-Authenticity of the teller (being transparent)


Location: "DISC" at The Oosterbeek Estate, The Hague

Fee:185 €


3. mrt, 2019

- Storytelling and the Systemic Approach -

March. 3rd (Sun) DISCxTALK by Nancy Wiltink

Nancy Wiltink from Tuin aan Zee will explore the combination of systemic work and storytelling as a tool for transformation.

For whom: therapists, coaches, teachers, trainers, storytellers, everyone with personal interest in transformation processes, storytelling and systemic work and anyone who wants to discover how techniques of the craft of storytelling is being used in different professional fields.

In this TALK, Nancy will show us the use of the combination of systemic work and narrative approaches (storytelling), focussed on transformational processes.

With systemic, phenomenological work you learn to open up for the big picture first, in order to get deeper insights on a specific question. Which dynamics are visible? Which patterns are we entangled with? What wants to get moving? Systemic works allows one to physically experience patterns that influence your current reality at a deeper level. The undercurrent of reality.

Nancy will open up and share her knowledge and experience in this field with us.

Where: To be announced, The Hague. Tickets: €18,-

To reserve a seat: send an email to: info@DISCstorytelling.com



5. feb, 2019

Raise Our Voice - Storytelling & gender empowerment

Gender bias is still deeply embedded in every facet of our society: socially, culturally, economically, politically and professionally. Women and girls face unacceptable levels of discrimination and abuse, even in developed countries.

Empowerment enables women to play an inclusive role in society and reach their full potential. Storytelling is a powerful method to help trigger change and is an effective way to (re)claim one’s voice, one’s sense of identity.

Storytelling - whether humorous or serious reflections - inspires, forms connections and can lead to change. Stories about women empowerment revolve around insights on role models, self-esteem, courage, opportunities, ambitions, being authentic and so much more!

In this 1-afternoon course you will work in an intimate group with people from all walks of life, all ages and all parts of the world. Through a series of small, gentle exercises, we will step into eachothers cultures, challenges and inspirations. We experience echothers hopes, fears and dreams.

Who were our role models when we were growing up? When did we feel we were held back? When were we stimulated to grow and shine? And where do we stand now? Who do we inspire and who do we stimultate to grow and shine?

May this afternoon be the start of many Stories of Empowerment; for you, for us and for everybody.


Date: Tuesday 5 February 2019
Time: 15.00 – 17:45 hours 
Location: Polak building, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Students/PhD-students: €3,50
Employees of Erasmus: €7,00
Regular:  €7,00

Brought to you in collaboration with:
Studium Generale 
Lustrum Celebration Team – EUR 105 years, Science meets City 
DISC (Dutch International Storytelling Centre)
Mansi Jasuja Consulting, The Hague



10. jan, 2019


This workshop-series is about the other side of story-telling, about Creative Writing, and aims to dive into the craft of creative writing.

In six sessions, you will explore six different elements to writing creatively, which are essential to good writing and which are great to explore and try for yourself.

All of this will be done in the spirit of exploring what material already lives inside you, inspiring you to write freely and in an uninhibited way, and looking into ways you can use that creative headspace in other areas as well, whether professionally or just for fun.

In this workshop-series, you will also sometimes look into (fragments from) original texts: poems, plays, prose or philosophy, in relation to the exercises.


Every session will focus on one specific theme. We will look into;

• Writing from the senses and choosing perspective: observation
• Developing characters
• Working with tension: structuring text and informing your reader or audience
• Writing dialogue, exploring conflict and subtext
• Writing poetry
• Exploring themes, concerns, interests; finding your voice

None of this will be dry, or purely technical. What we will do, is discovering how you can work with these techniques in a playful way, exploring possibilities of the language as we go along.

You are going to work with short, easily accessible writing exercises, that set you off on a creative path right away, making the next steps in your writing process clear to you as well.

You do not have to have any experience in writing, nor do you have to be working in a creative field. All you need to bring is your pen, a willingness to write, and an open mind.

 Ninke Overbeek is a playwright and dramaturg who lives in The Hague. Some of her work was performed at STET The English Theatre.
She writes for the stage in English and Dutch and researches the possibilities of creative writing processes for the Dutch academic context at the Professorship for Performative Processes in Utrecht (HKU).

Date and Time: Jan 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st and Febr. 7th & 14th.

Location: "DISC" at Old Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague

Fee: €160,- /Student
        €280,- /Professional

discount for Taster Workshop participants
        €250,- /Professional



20. dec, 2018

Rumi's poems are meeting places of the heart.

They give the heart eyes, the soul food, the spirit direction.
This will be a day to work with the wisdom of Rumi's words, to follow the teachings
inside his poems and to explore what they address. Like Rumi's poetry it will feature exercises both playful and profound.

Bring your favourite Rumi poem, or come with no knowledge of Rumi at all. Whatever your starting point you will leave a little wiser, with poems as food for life and a compass for the year ahead.

" Rumi is the bread we need to eat " ~ A Greek priest at Rumi's passing.



When: Thursday December 20th 10:00-17:00 
Where: TBA
Fee: €95.

There will be Tea and coffee served during the course. (Lunch not included)

Concessions on request.

Please subscribe to this workshop by sending an email to:michael@DISCstorytelling.com