20. dec, 2018

Rumi's poems are meeting places of the heart.

They give the heart eyes, the soul food, the spirit direction.
This will be a day to work with the wisdom of Rumi's words, to follow the teachings
inside his poems and to explore what they address. Like Rumi's poetry it will feature exercises both playful and profound.

Bring your favourite Rumi poem, or come with no knowledge of Rumi at all. Whatever your starting point you will leave a little wiser, with poems as food for life and a compass for the year ahead.

" Rumi is the bread we need to eat " ~ A Greek priest at Rumi's passing.



When: Thursday December 20th 10:00-17:00 
Where: TBA
Fee: €95.

There will be Tea and coffee served during the course. (Lunch not included)

Concessions on request.

Please subscribe to this workshop by sending an email to:michael@DISCstorytelling.com  

16. dec, 2018
A Highly exclusive Persian Night in a private setting "Remembering Rumi"
December 16th (Sun evening 19h30-22h) + NEW DATE Dec 17th

by the Grandmaster of Storytelling Ashley Ramsden
Special Thanks to Persian Dutch Network

...that our Persian Rumi Night on December 16th is SOLD OUT?

NO WORRIES!... we have added a 2nd date - due to great success - on Monday December 17th. So you can start signing up to that date too.

This is an extraordinary opportunity you do not want to miss!


Join in on an exclusive and intimate evening at a private home, right in the city centre. Step into the world of Persian Nights, take your black chai with cardamon tea, smell the jasmine and join Ashley on a journey through the tempting tales of the renowned Sufi teacher Rumi and get inspired by his wisdom, wit and tenderness.


Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī is the famous 13th Century Persian poet and mystic, who is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetical intellects of all time. Through him came the most remarkable poetry, tales and teaching that continue to touch the hearts and souls of people all over the world.


On December 17th of the year 1273 Rumi passed away in Turkey after living a full and rewarding life. 745 years later, we remember his wisdom and share his beauty.



Entrance fee: € 40,- incl. a festive Persian meal, fit for a Shah!

 @private home around the fireplace. Location details willbe announced after booking.

For reservations, please send an email with your full name, telephone number and number of people to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com.
In response you will get a conformation mail with a payment request.
NOTE: Only after your payment has been transferred, your seat is reserved.

(this evening will be filled quickly. Please let us know if you want us to program this some time again)



18. nov, 2018

Being able to tell a good story isn’t just a great marketing skill or the job of a good teacher or novelist.
Telling a story with zest and inspiration is something we should all be capable of; it is the best way to connect to other people and it can be a great lifehack.

What is it that you need to be able to tell a great story?
How to start, where to draw material from, how to build in tension, how to capture the audience, how to inspire and ‘show don’t tell…’

In this workshop series Ninke will aim to answer those questions by coming together, writing together and through teaching you a set of writing techniques. We will dive into the possibilities of different narrative structures and character development. We will learn about creating inspiring imaginative spaces for your audience to dwell in.

But, maybe more importantly, we will explore what it is that creative writing can do.
How it can take you to a different headspace, a different experience of time even, and how the act of writing itself can be of help to create ideas, explore memories, dreams, songs, vivid images and thoughts you didn’t even know you had.

We will do so playfully and with the help of easily accessible exercises.
We will enjoy the writing process, discuss and create together, read together and learn to tell our stories in a playful, stress-free way!!

Ninke Overbeek is a playwright and dramaturg who lives in The Hague. Some of her work was performed at STET The English Theatre.(See the reference 1 or 2)
She writes for the stage in English and Dutch and researches the possibilities of creative writing processes for the Dutch academic context at the Professorship for Performative Processes in Utrecht (HKU).

 Date: 25th Nov (Sun) 14:00-17:00 (FULL&DONE!!)
          13th Dec (Thurs) 18:00-21:00 (ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT!!)

Location: "DISC" at Old Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague

 Fee: 10€ /Student
         15€ /Professional

In Jan/Febr 2019, a 6 days "Creative writing and Storytelling" Workshop will open!! They will be held on 6 Thursday evenings in a row: Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 and Febr. 7 & 14. (19h-22h)
Those who come to the taster will get a discount to the workshop!!
Do not miss this chance!! 


8. okt, 2018

8 - 12 October Storytelling for Children at the European School of The Hague

To celebrate the National 'Childrens Book Week 2018': 5 DISC storytellers told magical stories every morning at the European School of The Hague (ESH). Stories in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German; connecting them to the fascinating World of Storytelling!

This Storytelling Week was an initiative of ESH and focussed on their pupils only. In total up to 800 children enjoyed the magic of the Craft of Storytelling in their own class rooms.



You can not tell just any story to any age group. Stories grow with us throughout our lives and every age has their own interests, focuss, questions and needs. At DISC, we know how to select the right story for the right age. Also the way we tell a story changes according to the ages of our audiences. Telling a story to a 5yr old will be a very different experience from telling that same story to an 8yr old. Knowing how to tell a story, according to the ages in front of you, is a solid part of the techniques of the Craft of Storytelling.

Hmmmm...... maybe we should create a course around that....Tips


if you would like to have a Storytelling Week at your school too; do contact us and we will bring the magical World of Stories to you as well.

Storytelling for Children contact: michael@DISCstorytelling.com or 06-16630661

29. sep, 2018

"I understand the basics of storytelling, but I would like to master it better !!"

"It was a bundle of fun joining a DISC workshop and I would like more !!" 

 "I have a lot of passion for storytelling. Although I've never done a course, I am willing to jump into deep water !!"

If you recognize one of the inner voices above, this course is exactly for you !!!

Francine and Michael will take you on a fun and exciting journey to deepen "the Craft of Storytelling" in only two days! In this course you will discover the craft beyond basic level, learn practical tools and brush up your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. We will work in a very small group, with loads of personal coaching and on a stunning estate, surrounded by ancient trees.


Date: 26, 27 Jan (Sat, Sun/10h-17h) 2019

Location: DISC at the Oosterbeek Estate in the edge of The Hague

Fee: Special  offer € 220-  (Official Price is € 330-)

Participants in this course are asked to bring a short story they wish to work with and are ready to tell. (Up to the length or 10 mins)

Limited places (max 4 people), book early enough so you won't miss it!