4. jun, 2020

‘Writers Room’ ~Creative writing advanced course~

Dear all, writers and storytellers.

Hi, this is Ninke
In June, I am planning to give an advanced ‘Writers Room’ workshop-series at DISC! 

We will work online, we found out sharing stories online is still lovely. It connects us beyond the boundaries of our houses and cities.
It is great to hear stories written by others and to reflect on them together. And to be read to as an adult by many different voices: also great.

We will inspire you to find new writing ideas, new angles for your work and new books, poems and plays to read/ watch online.
Every time we have these sessions, it genuinely makes me very happy, we tend to learn a lot from each other’s work, and I want to share that experience with more of you.


This is the plan;

Every participant will be requested to send me a draft of their work before the 1st meeting.
The text you can bring can be no longer than 2-3 pages and should be written in English.

Every session will start with a short writing exercise and some material written by others, to warm you up and to get you inspired.
In each session, we will read your work together and discuss a different technique.

You will be asked to work on your text every week, in-between our online sessions.
Do not worry, Ninke and the group will inspire you more than enough so that you have momentum to dive in. You will find the work is light,
because you will be inspired by the group and you will have an incentive to write more than you ever did.

Keep in mind
- This is an advanced course. This means that you should have at least followed a
few writing sessions with me or another writing teacher before.

Types of text you can send:
- A draft for a short story
- A short piece of fiction (a story, a poem, a fictional or ficto-critical essay, a piece
of dialogue for prose or for the stage, a performance text) that you like, but do
not know how to develop.
- A chapter from a book that you are writing.
- A piece of dialogue that you have been drafting for a theatre play.
- A poem that you have written but you feel needs work.
- A synopsis/ idea for a story/ plotline that you like but that needs discussion.

Ninke Overbeek is a playwright and dramaturg who lives in The Hague. Some of her work was performed at STET The English Theatre.
She writes for the stage in English and Dutch and researches the possibilities of creative writing processes for the Dutch academic context at the Professorship for Performative Processes in Utrecht (HKU).

Date and Time: 4th June and 5 more sessions on every Thursdays
                        (4, 11, 18, 25 June & 2, 9 July)

Location: Online (ZOOM)

Fee:€240,- /Discount for Taster Workshop participants
€260,- /Normal fee



Testimonials from the foundation workshop 

I was super excited before participating in this course, this is something I don’t do often and that was the reason why I decided to do it. In advance I had no concerns at all, but certainly a lot of curiosity. Doing it was enlightening. Pretty amazing to hear and learn things that I wasn’t aware of. Also hearing other stories and viewpoints, I really enjoyed this.

Words with sounds to it – Really cool! Rules of observations. Show don’t tell, tell don’t show. Round and flat characters. You got to try it! (I.A.)

I just wanted to explore and develop a new skill, and find out if I would like to do more with it. It turned out to be so nice to have a small group. I learned a lot of things and found out some unexpected things happening in my writing. Nice! I have grown in awareness of new ways to write and about methods to use to improve my writing. This is such a good start to explore new ways to communicate. (Miranda) 

I was so much looking forward to it and it was indeed good fun. I learnt a lot! Like various techniques and things to include in my writing. Do you like writing stories? Do it! (Cath) 

At first I asked myself: “Am I actually qualified for that? Do all the others already have lots of experience and I am the only bloody beginner?”. But it was very easy going, nice to get to write so quickly and easy. I learned something valuable and I got new ideas. Discovering ways on how to start writing, organizing a story, developing it, and the invitation to continue in this field. If you would like to write something at some point in life, you should go there. (Robert) 

As I had attended the taster, I already had an idea of how the course would be (very hands-on, in small groups), so I did not have any particular concern. It felt like a safe environment, it was very enjoyable, because it is very hands-on, with a variety of exercises. I realise I learned some writing techniques that are easy to apply. And I found myself writing a few texts that I am not unhappy about. So I would say: “If you would like to test if writing is something you would enjoy, try this course.”. (V.B.)