18. mei, 2020

"The Business of Storytelling"

EXCLUSIVE COURSE for LEADERS - May 18th & 19th 2020

The Business of Storytelling

An exclusive 2 day session on Leadership, unveiling the transformational skills of Storytelling by Grandmaster of Storytelling Sue Hollingsworth.

For CEO's, MT's, politicians, leading military staff, leaders of private companies, heads of NGO's and international businesses, directors of schools and hospitals and others for whom the ability to tell a compelling story is an essential skill.

Sue Hollingsworth MBA used to work as an executive in the corporate world, working mainly for American corporations in the software industry. After suffering from burnout Sue realised she had fullfilled her career dreams and wanted to put something new into the world.

She discovered storytelling and combined her sharp business mind, her truck loads of experience & knowledge and co-founded Storytelling in Organisations, the very first consultancy for storytelling in Europe. She is a Founder of the International School of Storytelling and helped build it into the main institute and school for the craft of Storytelling in the world. Whilst there she wrote - together with Ashley Ramsden - the best selling book on storytelling, 'The Storyteller's Way'. Sue was a founder of the Centre of Narrative Leadership and since leaving the School of Storytelling in 2016 has also founded the Centre for Biographical Storytelling. She flies around the world, expanding the skills of the craft within a wide variety of professional fields. This expertise Sue is bringing to DISC. In a small group and a private setting, you will have a focused opportunity to develop your leadership through the art of storytelling

This is a rare opportunity to work with one of the most experienced story consultants and coaches in the world in a small, informal group. Suitable for senior leaders in both the private and public sectors, in any kind of organisation, especially those seeking to extend their reach beyond their current sphere of influence. No previous experience of storytelling is needed but a willingness to be challenged and to learn in an experiential way is essential.

Participants will leave with:

- a clear understanding of why the ability to tell a good story well is a key leadership competency

- a deep grounding in the 3 main different kinds of story

- a practical tool kit of essential storytelling skills

- intensive personal coaching on their own leadership stories.


The Business of Storytelling

Date: May 18th & 19th (Mon & Tue) 2020

Times: 10h - 17h

Location: On a private estate

Fee: €2500 excl. VAT (includes all tuition, materials & food at an exclusive estate in the Netherlands)

There will be a maximum of 6 participants

To subscribe: send an email to michael@DISCstorytelling.com


More on Sue and her work:




Some testimonials on Sue:

"Sue is a great teacher who balances in a very beautiful way the two polarities she has inside herself: great leadership to lead the participants in gentle ways, yet with sharp observations as a teacher. Her attitude to everyone is open, very human. She is very practical and structured but full of joy and flexibility!"

"I learned a lot: not only the craft of storytelling but also just to observe and learn how Sue handled our motley crew of individuals. It was an admirable mixture of robustness and sensitivity. This sounds perhaps a bit contradictory but that is where Sue’s people skills came to the fore, she knew exactly when to stand firm and take no nonsense and when to be sensitive to people’s vulnerabilities."

“I still cannot forget the experience I got from the course. Sue was the embodiment of what a good teacher should be. Her passion and love for storytelling, her teaching methods and her storytelling technique has had an everlasting effect on me.

Sue set the foundation on which my academic work is being built.”