5. feb, 2019

Storytelling & gender empowerment

Raise Our Voice - Storytelling & gender empowerment

Gender bias is still deeply embedded in every facet of our society: socially, culturally, economically, politically and professionally. Women and girls face unacceptable levels of discrimination and abuse, even in developed countries.

Empowerment enables women to play an inclusive role in society and reach their full potential. Storytelling is a powerful method to help trigger change and is an effective way to (re)claim one’s voice, one’s sense of identity.

Storytelling - whether humorous or serious reflections - inspires, forms connections and can lead to change. Stories about women empowerment revolve around insights on role models, self-esteem, courage, opportunities, ambitions, being authentic and so much more!

In this 1-afternoon course you will work in an intimate group with people from all walks of life, all ages and all parts of the world. Through a series of small, gentle exercises, we will step into eachothers cultures, challenges and inspirations. We experience echothers hopes, fears and dreams.

Who were our role models when we were growing up? When did we feel we were held back? When were we stimulated to grow and shine? And where do we stand now? Who do we inspire and who do we stimultate to grow and shine?

May this afternoon be the start of many Stories of Empowerment; for you, for us and for everybody.


Date: Tuesday 5 February 2019
Time: 15.00 – 17:45 hours 
Location: Polak building, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Students/PhD-students: €3,50
Employees of Erasmus: €7,00
Regular:  €7,00

Brought to you in collaboration with:
Studium Generale 
Lustrum Celebration Team – EUR 105 years, Science meets City 
DISC (Dutch International Storytelling Centre)
Mansi Jasuja Consulting, The Hague