3. mrt, 2019

DISCxTALK - Nancy Wiltink

- Storytelling and the Systemic Approach -

March. 3rd (Sun) DISCxTALK by Nancy Wiltink

Nancy Wiltink from Tuin aan Zee will explore the combination of systemic work and storytelling as a tool for transformation.

For whom: therapists, coaches, teachers, trainers, storytellers, everyone with personal interest in transformation processes, storytelling and systemic work and anyone who wants to discover how techniques of the craft of storytelling is being used in different professional fields.

In this TALK, Nancy will show us the use of the combination of systemic work and narrative approaches (storytelling), focussed on transformational processes.

With systemic, phenomenological work you learn to open up for the big picture first, in order to get deeper insights on a specific question. Which dynamics are visible? Which patterns are we entangled with? What wants to get moving? Systemic works allows one to physically experience patterns that influence your current reality at a deeper level. The undercurrent of reality.

Nancy will open up and share her knowledge and experience in this field with us.

Where: To be announced, The Hague. Tickets: €18,-

To reserve a seat: send an email to: info@DISCstorytelling.com