13. dec, 2019

Delicious Laughter ~A day with Rumi~ by Ashley Ramsden

Rumi's poems are meeting places of the heart.

They give the heart eyes, the soul food, the spirit direction.
This will be a day to work with the wisdom of Rumi's words, to follow the teachings
inside his poems and to explore what they address. Like Rumi's poetry it will feature exercises both playful and profound.

Bring your favourite Rumi poem, or come with no knowledge of Rumi at all. Whatever your starting point you will leave a little wiser, with poems as food for life and a compass for the year ahead.

" Rumi is the bread we need to eat " ~ A Greek priest at Rumi's passing.



When: Friday December 13th 10:00-17:00 
Where: TBA on subscribtion
Fee: €95.

There will be Tea and coffee served during the course. (A delicious lunch included)

Concessions on request.

Please subscribe to this workshop by sending an email to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com