17. mrt, 2018


Saturday March 17th (10h30-12h)

“There is something fishy in The Hague!”

Foolish stories from wise fishermen in Scheveningen.


To celebrate World Storytelling Day 2018, DISC – Storytelling Centre organises a special Storytelling Walk through the beautiful, traditional fishermen’s village of Scheveningen.

This is where DISC storyteller Francine, born and raised in Scheveningen, listened to the stories her father and grandfathers told her when she was little. Tantalising stories, passed on from generation to generation, and now here’s your chance to hear them too!

The walk will lead us to the best bits of the original fishermen’s village, we will hear loads of funny and frightening stories. And did you know that Scheveningen carries many legends as well? So, you will also learn about why there is a mermaid on top of the lighthouse and who that handsome young man was, rising from the waves, while a poor girl was collecting cockles in the puddles after a storm...

It is going to be a magical tour; so join in on this delightful storytelling walk through the small alleys of Scheveningen’s traditional fishermen’s village and let their stories show us that, in life, fools sometimes sit in the chairs of wise men, whereas wise men are often left in the position of fools.

We will start in the village centre, next to the church at Café ‘1900 aan zee’. Bicycles can easily be parked there and tram 11 stops right around the corner. We will end where we start.


Date: Saturday March 17th 10h30-12h

Location: Scheveningen Village

Starting & end point: ‘1900 aan zee’ cafe, Keizerstraat 49, Scheveningen

NOTE: after the walk, we would love everyone to join in on a real Scheveningen fish meal at Simonis-in-de-Haven after the Walk&Talk. They offer very nice fish menu's from €6,- on.

Fee for the Walk&Talk: €15,-

Bookings: please send an email to francine@DISCstorytelling.com