24. apr, 2018

DISCxTALK/Workshop - Martine Verweij & Nancy Wiltink on Systemic Work

DISCxTALK/Workshop ‘Transforming the undercurrent of reality’/Combining the power of story and a systemic approach

Nancy Wiltink from Tuin aan Zee and Martine Verweij from Green Bridges invite you to a full day workshop exploring the combination of systemic work and storytelling as a tool for transformation.

When: April 24th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where: @DISC, Oude Molstraat 37 The Hague

For whom: Everyone with personal interest in transformation processes, storytelling and systemic work, therapists, coaches, teachers, trainers and people who have the courage to view themselves as a research object.

Fee: €125,- excl. VAT




Reality on ‘repeat’

The world is changing rapidly and yet we seem to be turning around in circles. The future is taking shape before our eyes, but more often than not, it’s the old dressed up in new clothes.

What if we learned to see those patterns – understand their origin – and start creating a new story? A life-enhancing story.

The transformational power of a new story

In this workshop, which was designed with Theory-U as a design framework, the focus is on ‘Seeing’ and ‘Sensing’ our own reality.

Participants work with a personal question that is at heart for them. A situation or project where one seems stuck, or repeating old patterns. Or a situation where one feels as if a lot of potential is not yet being realized.

To uncover what’s below the surface of the reality that is experienced, two disciplines are combined.  

Discipline 1: A systemic approach

With systemic, phenomenological work you learn to open up for the big picture first, in order to get deeper insights on a specific question. Which dynamics are visible? What wants to get moving? Systemic works allows one to physically experience patterns that influence your current reality at a deeper level. The undercurrent of reality.

Discipline 2: Storytelling

Storytellers introduce a fictitious reality as an often playfull mirror of deeper systemic layers that are more difficult to see.

Why participate?

Take part in this clinic if you are curious about the use of the combination of systemic work and narrative approaches, in transformational processes.

Join us if you give yourself a day to reflect on what you are doing. Which patterns are you entangled with? Where do you lose unnecessary energy?

During the day you take your own situation or a work situation that you want to change as a starting point, and together we expose the roots of your systemic entanglements.

If you come across these deeper layers, a pattern can be lovingly embraced and outgrown. And just maybe that will even change your physical reality.


Nancy Wiltink is storyteller at Tuin aan Zee. Nancy teaches how to create and work with stories, and has set up storytelling projects. Her deeper interest is, however, to use the power of stories to invite our society to transform to its highest potential. Martine Verweij and Nancy Wiltink collaborate more often in longer Theory-U projects and gave a masterclass at the end of 2015 during the expert session of the International Storytelling Festival.

Martine Verweij of Green Bridges works hands on with complex sustainability challenges, using the principles of systems thinking and the power of systemic work. She wants to convey her enthusiasm about this way of working to other professionals. "We are all systemically intelligent by nature - it is fascinating and very helpful to reengage with our own systemic consciousness". Martine followed various courses in the field of systems thinking/constellations and systems change, including at the ISEE-systems institute and the Bert Hellinger Institute in Groningen.


When you have booked, you will be informed about further practicalities, such as ‘directions’, payment details and ‘what to bring’.

Everyone with personal interest in transformation processes, storytelling and systemic work. People who have the courage to view themselves as a research object.

Costs for this clinic are 125 euros, excl. VAT.

DISC-Dutch International Storytelling Centre, The Hague. Oude Molstraat 37, The Hague


“Nice workshop, with deep insights, a lot of transformation. A wonderful day. It takes like more!”

“Storytelling was new to me. I discovered my pattern is ‘to want to do well’ and I became quite confused while telling my own story. It was nice to experience that this confusion was very welcome. From this unconditional support for my struggle, I started trusting a new story that was emerging in me. Later I really felt I could let go of the original story I was telling myself .”

“I felt a sense of 'slowing-down’, which created a lot of space. It functioned as a kind of pressure cooker of insights. Martine and Nancy complemented each other very nicely.”

“By working in a very experiential way, not to make it too theoretical, the counselors gave me the  confidence to see what is possible. A lot of ‘feeling’ instead of ‘explaining’.”

“I got to know Nancy and Martine as two enormously motivated and involved facilitators/coaches.
With an open and embracing approach.”