25. mei, 2018

DISCxTALK - Kirsten Notten & Sustainability

DISCxTALK - Kirsten Notten & Sustainability

When: May 25th (19h-21h)

(walk in from 19h on, we will start at about 19:30 max)

Where: @CommunityGardenSpinozahof, on the corner of Repelaerstraat 61 and Spinozastraat 38, The Hague.

For whom: Anyone who works with environmental issues, policy makers, nature workers, teachers, politicians, climate activists, storytellers, gouvernment workers, public speakers or anyone who would like to learn more on how The Craft of Storytelling is being used in professional fields, all across the globe.

Tickets: €18,-

To reserve a seat: send an email to: info@DISCstorytelling.com


Storytelling to counter climate change

Tackling climate change is not going well, despite the Paris agreement and the spectacular rise of renewable energy. Spoiler alert: Trump is not the main problem. We need to change more profound and that means the stories we live in have to change.

Dominant grand narratives or myths we live in are endless economic growth and the mastery over nature. These stories are deeply embedded in western culture and guide political and daily choices. To change these grand narratives we need to acknowledge them and we need to find counter-narratives. The climate crisis needs storytellers of all kind.

Kirsten will explore in this DISCxTALK three dimensions of storytelling she uses in her work as a professional storyteller for organisations & communities:

  • Recognizing present dominant myths and the power they have over our communities.
  • Telling old myths and fairy tales anew to open up the space for alternative meaning giving.
  • Listening to the personal stories of sustainable living to show the variation in daily sustainable practise that defies the grand narratives.


In this talk she draws upon recent insights of the deep narrative nature of human beings as explored by Yuval Noah Harari, Rene ten Bos and Naomi Klein. She will use two working projects on climate change to explore the process of finding counter narratives:

  • Listening to and analysing personal stories on sustainability during the National Energy Dialogue, issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Making a Climate Madonna as a community project for the earth, issued by the Dominican Cloister in Zwolle.


It will be a talk full of stories and some practices.


Kirsten Notten is a storyteller for organisations. Trained as a philosopher and storyteller, she worked years for the government. Now she listens to the personal stories of inhabitants to make space for daily life in policy. She works together with social entrepreneurs to strengthen the power of the people in climate policy. They call it: ‘going on climate adventure together’.