9. dec, 2017

The Storyteller at Play


The wonderful Master of Storytelling, Ashley Ramsden will come to DISC and share his craft and wisdom in a lighthearted course filled with playfulness, spontaneity, imagination and the child-in-you.
The Storyteller at Play is a weekend to put you back in touch with the endless oxygen of your imagination: for to play is to imagine and to imagine is to liberate yourself from all restrictions.
Together we will explore spontaneous storytelling, the creation of new games and the rediscovery of wonder in the simplest of things.
For this workshop bring something that was special to you in your childhood ( real or imaginary), a short traditional story to tell as you've never told it before and the playful self that you may have all too often neglected. 
This is a really wonderful opportunity:
-to learn more about the Craft of Storytelling and how you can find joy, humour and playfulness in telling your stories.
-to discover how to stay in a constant state of wonder and bewilderness each time you tell a story.
“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” 
― Alan W. Watts

Dates: December 9th & 10th (Sat, Sun) 
Location: Johannes Court - Oude Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague
Fee: normal price €330,- BUT we have created a special December DISCount!!!! So now it is ONLY €250,-