2. jul, 2018

Awakening the Magic in you

“A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.”            -Marianne Williamson

Once we realise, the magic of miracles is already all around us and it is for us to invite this magic to reveal itself into our daily lives. 

"It is an 'undoing' of things,
it is 'letting go' of patterns,
it is 'allowing' the magic to come in."
And this is just what we are going to do, together, in the beautiful dunes of The Hague.
Taken by the the hand by one of the great mythological stories, we will explore centuries old wisdom, we will connect to nature and listen to the whispers of our inner voice.
Every day we will start Strandtent het Puntje in the beautiful dunes of The Hague. We will work with stories, silence, breath and (relaxing) exercises.
These morning retreats will not be about learning Storytelling techniques but truely about experiencing how stories can support us on our personal journeys. A calm awakening of our bodies and souls in the midst of nature, while we discover our magical energy together, find the personal intentions in our hearts and allow the magic to fill our days.
"I would highly recommend this course to all who want to work on their personal development." Bart (48)

Dates: 16-20 July (Mon-Fri) 8-10am
          6-10 Aug (Mon-Fri) 8-10am
Location: in the dunes at Strandtent het Puntje MAP
Fee: € 180,- for all 5 days.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water, a little note book and a pen.
Be aware! this is a morning course for only 2hours a day!

Some quotes:

"Before we started I was thinking what can you possible do in just two hours… Well, you can really shift the whole world! :-) "

"We had such a good time at the beach with this course. I loved the way you facilitated the course. It has been a profound experience for the both of us and still is. It also was a very transformative experience which is still carrying on, as we both embraced the magic that came forward as we opened up ourselves."

"For me the course kept its promise. It was energizing and refreshing … magical. Terra and Francine conducted the course in a professional way, perfectly matching stories, exercises and tasks; so making every session an intense and complete whole."

"This course coming on our path was like this strong synchronicity as it physically opened the door to the new phase in our lives we have worked for many years. :-) "

"On the first – slightly rainy - day we stayed in a protected spot in the dunes. All other sessions were conducted on the beach. I certainly enjoyed the unhampered view of the horizon and the wide space to make use of. I also enjoyed being exposed to the elements (the weather was more than kind to us all week but there is always a breeze tugging at you). I couldn’t have wished for a better place to listen – and hear – my inner voice. It was the perfect location for me."
"It was so lovely to be on the beach. This particular spot is a very nice place, with a gentle open