2. mei, 2016

Beginner's Storytelling Course for School Teachers

Are you a teacher? 
Are you an educator? 
Are you thinking of using Storytelling in your class room but you don't know how to go about?

Then this is the course for YOU!
In a day we will bring you the basics of how to use Stories in education!

Education is transfer of information from one person to another. When we do so, we try to transfer this information as effectively as possible. In the end, what we want is for that information to 'stick to the brain' and be accessible at any time and far into the future.

Telling stories deeply anchors in us
It has been there within any culture, in all times. All our knowledge comes from sharing stories and our cognitive brain is built in a way that we live, understand, communicate and remember life in the shape of stories. 

We are true 'storytelling beings', that live and share life through stories.

By sharing stories we do not only transfer informations but we also transfer images; In this way, transfer of knowledge becomes experience.

Why is this important?
Information kept on the left side of our brain wears out after a while and can not emotionally connect. Information kept on the right side anchors deep with image, and personal emotion on it.
In this course we will offer you practical tools on how to work with stories in your classroom. You will gain insight on how the brain functions while telling stories and will go home with a blueprint on how to implement Storytelling into your practice.


"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me the truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever." - Indian Proverb

Date: To be planned with the school (10:00-17:00)
Location: At your school!
Fee & Certificate: € 1150,- (1 day, 1 group at 1 school) or
€ 175,- for individual subscribtions

NOTE: Once schools buy this course and offer IN SCHOOL, we accept as many teachers in the school as you wish.

For subscription, please contact to: info@discstorytelling.com