21. dec, 2015

The Voice, Presence and Silence of the Storyteller


What happens in the silence between storyteller and listener?

What do storytellers offer to listeners when they are truly present, vulnerable and open?

Of all the voices used in storytelling which voice is truly yours?


In this workshop we will explore the Presence of the Storyteller:how presence effects your voice, the space around you and the stories you share.

Participants need to bring a poem, short story or something out of their own lives. Please be sure that this is something you know well and have told before.


Workshop Leaders;

Ashley Ramsden is a co-founder of the International

School of Storytelling based at Emerson College in Sussex. 

He offers workshops and performances worldwide.


Flora Pethybridge is a Storyteller and Coresinging Practitioner.

She works with voice and song to explore the ways we express ourselves. 

She is also involved in the work of Tellers Without Borders.


Date: 21 & 22(Mon,Tue). Dec 2015   10h00-17h00

Location: "DISC" at Oude Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague