26. sep, 2015

Fascinating 3 Day Seminar: Storytelling & Dementia/Alzheimer. - 1st Day on September 26th -

In cooperation with Desiree van Keulen and Het Verhalenrijk, DISC is organising 3 fascinating seminar days on the Craft of Storytelling & Dementia/Alzheimer Health Care. This is such an interesting field in which yet much is to be discovered. How do stories work within the damaged brain? Where does the world of stories meet the reality of Alzheimer?

Some pioneers in the field are building experience and are finding that the Craft of Storytelling can add a lot of value to people facing Dementia/Alzheimer.


AUTUMN 2015: 1st Seminar Day in Leiden focussing on the basics; What is the Craft of Storytelling? What is Dementia/Alzheimer? How can a Storyteller add value within Dementia/Alzheimer Health Care? In what way can we put extra focus on the uses of our senses and our physical environment?

Her Excellency Mia Verbeelen, Storytelling Ambassador of Flanders and the Netherlands, will share moving memories of the time when her mother was facing Dementia/Alzheimer.


WINTER 2015/16: 2nd Seminar Day in The Hague on the relationship between Storytelling and the damaged and ageing brain. How can these two worlds help each other?


SPRING 2016: 3rd Seminar Day How to elicit memories and shape them into real life storytelling.



1e Seminar Day in Leiden

Saturday September 26th from 10am till 5pm

Rapenburg 100, Leiden


To subscribe to the 1st Seminar Day, please send an email to: hetverhalenrijk@gmail.com

Fee 1st Seminar Day: € 75,--: (coffee, tea, salad & soup included)


Your subscription becomes final by bank transfer of the fee to:

D. van Keulen, Leiden

Bank number: NL11 INGB 0000 43 79 71

Topic: 1st Seminar Day Storytelling & Dementia/Alzheimer

Mia: http://www.vertelleninvlaanderen.be/vertellers/mia-verbeelen

Michael: http://www.michaeldriebeekvanderven.com/

Desirée: www.hetverhalen-rijk.nl