27. jun, 2015

STORYTELLING Café: Summer, Soup & Storytelling – July 11th at De Overkant

Summer has arrived… finally! Surrounded by the great green trees of the Huygenspark, we know life is kind to us this way.

After a wonderful meet-up with Lucy Zuiderwijk – a stunning beauty with shining eyes and smiling face to match, who owns the coolest Lunchroom in the park called ‘De Overkant’ – and we cooked up a fun plan for you:

Let's we pack our DISC-bags, shorts and sunglasses and step into the sun and tell some stories in the outside!!! “I can make a fresh summer soup.” Lucy said. “Then I will bring my Spanish/Finnish Storyteller friend Maria and have her tell some stories too.” I replied.

“We can use my Lunchroom, the terrace and the park around it and see how it all works out.” Lucy said. “We’ll just make it up as we go along.” (PS: I LOVE LUCY!) Perfect!


So… that’s the plan for now:


You come and join in the fun and bring your friends. We all get together on Saturday July 11th at Lucy’s Lunchroom ‘De Overkant’ and we will have a wonderful late afternoon/early evening with some fine Summer stories.

Get that Summer feeling flowing, bring your friends and switch the holiday mood to: GO!

With Storytellers Maria Serrano (Finnish-Spanish), Marijke Broekhuijsen (Dutch), Norihiro Terazawa (Japanese) and Michael Driebeek van der Ven (Dutch).


Lucy Zuiderwijk will make some of her award winning Summer Soup!


DISC opens at 16h.

Stories start at 16h30 (-ish)

Stories end at 19h (-ish)


Location: Lunchroom ‘De Overkant’, Stationsweg 32 (on Huygenspark)

Entrance: a donation of € 12,- is suggested. (in cash please! soup included)