14. apr, 2015



How can we tell a story as though telling it for the first time? 


Storyteller/actor Raphael Rodan and Focusing trainer/storyteller Esther Kornalijnslijper combine their view and experience with inner work.


Raphael will work with various techniques inspired by Meisner’s method of acting which will encourage you to reconnect to your instincts, and open your inner treasure box so your storytelling can come to life. Esther will bring in gentle bodywork and Gene Gendlin’s technique of Focusing – allowing oneself to feel whatever there is inside and thus dipping into the implicit treasures of your body wisdom.

The aim is to investigate how your storytelling can be created from the inside out. From the inside where our constantly changing emotional self is ‘hidden’, where our won ‘secret’ treasure chest resides. Instead of crafting stories as a constant ‘frozen’ form designed from the outside.

They will work with the body as a carrier of your stories through gentle bodywork and inner listening (focusing). Being in contact with self and meeting other(s) we’ll explore what happens in the space between and how it affects our telling. We’ll work with different exercises exploring the ‘why’ of your story, as well as character in an ‘Inside Out’ way. 




Esther Kornalijnslijper, trained as a veterinarian, has a strong fascination for the influence of stress on the immune system. She traveled through Israel, Ireland & New Zealand, further exploring the body-mind connection in a personal way. She brings together and shares the multiple colours of her life in her business eSpiral ~ bodywork & storytelling.

 “The body contains the (life) story just as much as the brain” Edna O’Brien



Raphael Rodan graduated in 2008 from the School of Speech and Drama in Harduf in his country of birth Israel. He continued his studies in the UK at the School of Storytelling in Sussex, and the Actors Temple in London. He worked in Israel as a theatre director for Arab and Jewish young actors, using theatre as a bridge for communication. Since his move to Europe he runs storytelling workshops and performs all over the continent.

 "You are already a thousand times more interesting than the best actor you have ever hoped to be"  Konstantin Stanislavsky



This course is for both beginning and advanced storytellers. 

Date: Monday & Tuesday, April 13th & 14th from 10h-17h

Location: "DISC" at Oude Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague

Fee: € 350,-

To subscribe; please send an email to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com