19. jun, 2020

Would you like to know more about this thing called 'Storytelling"'?

Wouldn't you love it if you could master the Craft of Storytelling too?

Do you ask yourself at times: "Could I do this?"

Well..... YES, YOU CAN!!

We will take you on a joyful journey and plunge you into the basics of Storytelling. Because, telling a story is within the reach of everyone. And at the end of the day, YOU will have a great story to tell.

We will be working on:
- Natural Storytelling
- Storytelling Techniques & Structure
- Image ..etc...

This course is suitable for beginners and people with little experience.
The course is given by Michael, Terra and/or Francine, according to availablity at that time.

Upcoming Date:

June 19th & 20th (Fri & Sat)

Course: Fri:19:00-22:00[18:30 coffee./tea] Sat:10h00-17h00 [9:30 coffee/tea.])
Location: "DISC" at The Monastery
SPECIAL BEGINNERS PRICE: € 95,- (We offer this course way underpriced because we would like to give everybody an easy opportunity to experience what the Craft of Storytelling is about.)



Is one day and a half enough for me to learn some basic tools of storytelling and being able to build and tell a story? I was surprised to see that actually the time was enough to cover the basics of storytelling and build and tell a story. The big discovery for me was that I can feel comfortable standing in front of people and tell a story, especially now that I feel I know a bit more, it is a course where you can get a taste of what storytelling is and you can have fun telling a story in a safe group. I would like to dive deeper into the art of storytelling now. Maybe an intermediate course. A course about personal stories. There is much to be discovered! (Gea)

I decided very much last moment. It was good timing and compared it with other options (which were 3 days and more expensive). I loved the ‘word throwing’ exercise, to let creativity flow. I would advise to create time to do this – try it out in a ‘safe space’. There is a pleasant atmosphere. It is very interesting. I gained more consciousness, especially about placing/landscaping. I got inspired and gained confidence! I would say this is a very good and affordable beginner’s course to try out if you like storytelling and basic techniques to prepare stories. I feel like I definitely got the first set of tools to start elaborating on the art of storytelling and skills building. (Annet)

I was curious, fully open to what it will be. No concerns; Just healthy expectations. It turned out to be very, very enjoyable! It felt safe, I felt at ease. The easiness of the sphere helps to just go and try out. It is a great first dive… Handy, practical, useful, insightful. (Barbara)



4. jun, 2020

This workshop-series is about the other side of story-telling, about Creative Writing, and aims to dive into the craft of creative writing.

In five ONLINE sessions, you will explore different elements to writing creatively, which are essential to good writing and which are great to explore and try for yourself.

All of this will be done in the spirit of exploring what material already lives inside you, inspiring you to write freely and in an uninhibited way, and looking into ways you can use that creative headspace in other areas as well, whether professionally or just for fun.

In this Online workshop-series, you will also sometimes look into (fragments from) original texts: poems, plays, prose or philosophy, in relation to the exercises.


Every Online session will focus on one specific theme. We will look into;

• Writing from the senses and choosing perspective: observation
• Developing characters
• Working with tension: structuring text and informing your reader or audience
• Writing dialogue, exploring conflict and subtext
• Writing poetry
• Exploring themes, concerns, interests; finding your voice

None of this will be dry, or purely technical. What we will do, is discovering how you can work with these techniques in a playful way, exploring possibilities of the language as we go along.

You are going to work with short, easily accessible writing exercises, that set you off on a creative path right away, making the next steps in your writing process clear to you as well.

You do not have to have any experience in writing, nor do you have to be working in a creative field. All you need to bring is your pen, a willingness to write, and an open mind.

 Ninke Overbeek is a playwright and dramaturg who lives in The Hague. Some of her work was performed at STET The English Theatre.
She writes for the stage in English and Dutch and researches the possibilities of creative writing processes for the Dutch academic context at the Professorship for Performative Processes in Utrecht (HKU).

Date and Time: June (5 Thursday evenings from 19:00-22:00)

Location: Online via ZOOM

Fee: €160,- /Student
        €280,- /Professional

discount for Taster Workshop participants
        €250,- /Professional


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I was super excited before participating in this course, this is something I don’t do often and that was the reason why I decided to do it. In advance I had no concerns at all, but certainly a lot of curiosity. Doing it was enlightening. Pretty amazing to hear and learn things that I wasn’t aware of. Also hearing other stories and viewpoints, I really enjoyed this.

Words with sounds to it – Really cool! Rules of observations. Show don’t tell, tell don’t show. Round and flat characters. You got to try it! (I.A.)

I just wanted to explore and develop a new skill, and find out if I would like to do more with it. It turned out to be so nice to have a small group. I learned a lot of things and found out some unexpected things happening in my writing. Nice! I have grown in awareness of new ways to write and about methods to use to improve my writing. This is such a good start to explore new ways to communicate. (Miranda)

I was so much looking forward to it and it was indeed good fun. I learnt a lot! Like various techniques and things to include in my writing. Do you like writing stories? Do it! (Cath)

At first I asked myself: “Am I actually qualified for that? Do all the others already have lots of experience and I am the only bloody beginner?”. But it was very easy going, nice to get to write so quickly and easy. I learned something valuable and I got new ideas. Discovering ways on how to start writing, organizing a story, developing it, and the invitation to continue in this field. If you would like to write something at some point in life, you should go there. (Robert)

As I had attended the taster, I already had an idea of how the course would be (very hands-on, in small groups), so I did not have any particular concern. It felt like a safe environment, it was very enjoyable, because it is very hands-on, with a variety of exercises. I realise I learned some writing techniques that are easy to apply. And I found myself writing a few texts that I am not unhappy about. So I would say: “If you would like to test if writing is something you would enjoy, try this course.”. (V.B.)

30. mei, 2020

"I understand the basics of storytelling, but I would like to master it better !!"

"It was a bundle of fun joining a DISC workshop and I would like more !!" 

 "I have a lot of passion for storytelling. Although I've never done a course, I am willing to jump into deep water !!"

If you recognize one of the inner voices above, this course is exactly for you !!!

The DISC directors will take you on a fun and exciting journey to deepen "the Craft of Storytelling" in only two days! In this course you will discover the craft beyond basic level, learn practical tools and brush up your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. We will work in a very small group, with loads of personal coaching.


Date: May 30th & 31st (Sat, Sun/10h-17h) 2020

Location: DISC

Fee: Special offer € 250,-  (Official Price is € 330-)

Participants in this course are asked to bring a short story they wish to work with and are ready to tell. (Up to the length or 10 mins)

Limited places (max 4 people), book early enough so you won't miss it!  


2. apr, 2020


Maybe this is a good time to write. It’s challenging as well, so let’s write together.

Dear all, writers and storytellers.

Hi this is Ninke.I am a playwright and Creative Writing Teacher.

In June, I am planning to give an advanced ‘Writers Room’ workshop-series at DISC Storytelling. Because we’re all stuck at home at the moment, I want to use this opportunity to give you all a short ‘taster’ of how we will work together in June. We will do this online.

This is the plan:

On the 2nd of April I will organise an online session through Zoom, from 19:00-20:30 in the evening.
Before the 2nd of April, I will ask you to send me your drafts of your work.
A little before the 2nd of April, I will send everyone’s texts to the rest of the group.

I will start the session with a short writing exercise and some material written by others, to warm you up and to get you inspired.

We will also set up a format for our feedback; how to be critical but constructive and how to technically organise it. After that we will read and discuss your work together.

The text you can bring can be no longer than 2-3 pages.
Types of text you can send me:

  • A draft for a short story

  • A short piece of text that you like, but do not know how to develop

  • A chapter from a book that you are writing

  • A piece of dialogue that you have been drafting for a theatre play

  • A poem that you have written but you feel needs work

  • A synopsis/ idea for a story/ plotline that you like but that needs discussion

  • Or: a text that you cannot even define in any category yet. You like it, but what is it?? Maybe it contains many different thoughts, spoken by many different voices. Maybe it starts as a news message, but develops into a story.

  • Maybe you have been keeping a diary since this Corona-virus started to change our everyday lives, and you want to create something out of that. Maybe you find yourself writing down only short sentences, sound or rhythm-based texts. Maybe you have been writing while playing with texts of others, or through putting fun stuff into google-translate. Or maybe you have even found another type of writing that I have not mentioned here: please bring those texts as well.


Date: 2nd April 19:00-20:30

Venue: Zoom.us
(We will send you a meeting link after a subscription. The Zoom set up meeting will start from 18:30 for Zoom beginner. if you are new to zoom, please have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFhAEoCF7jg)

Fee: 10 Euro
(The special fee for this time only, Original price: 35Euro)


15. dec, 2019
A Highly exclusive Persian Night in a private setting "Remembering Rumi"
December 15th Sun (3 SEATS LEFT!) & 16th Mon (FULLY SOLD OUT!) from 19h30-22h

by the Grandmaster of Storytelling Ashley Ramsden
Special Thanks to Persian Dutch Network

This is an extraordinary opportunity you do not want to miss!

Join in on an exclusive and intimate evening at a private home, right in the city centre. Step into the world of Persian Nights, take your black chai with cardamon tea, smell the jasmine and join Ashley on a journey through the tempting tales of the renowned Sufi teacher Rumi and get inspired by his wisdom, wit and tenderness.


Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī is the famous 13th Century Persian poet and mystic, who is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetical intellects of all time. Through him came the most remarkable poetry, tales and teaching that continue to touch the hearts and souls of people all over the world.


On December 17th of the year 1273 Rumi passed away in Turkey after living a full and rewarding life. 746 years later, we remember his wisdom and share his beauty.



Entrance fee: € 40,- incl. a festive Persian meal, fit for a Shah!

 @private home around the fireplace. Location details willbe announced after booking.

For reservations, please send an email with your full name, telephone number and number of people to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com.
In response you will get a conformation mail with a payment request.
NOTE: Only after your payment has been transferred, your seat is reserved.

(NOTE: Both Nights are almost SOLD OUT! and filling up quickly; so remember: No time like the present!)