16. dec, 2018
A Highly exclusive Persian Night in a private setting "Remembering Rumi"
December 16th (Sun evening 19h30-22h)

by the Grandmaster of Storytelling Ashley Ramsden
Special Thanks to Persian Dutch Network



This is an extraordinary opportunity you do not want to miss!


Join in on an exclusive and intimate evening at a private home, right in the city centre. Step into the world of Persian Nights, take your black chai with cardamon tea, smell the jasmine and join Ashley on a journey through the tempting tales of the renowned Sufi teacher Rumi and get inspired by his wisdom, wit and tenderness.


Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī is the famous 13th Century Persian poet and mystic, who is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetical intellects of all time. Through him came the most remarkable poetry, tales and teaching that continue to touch the hearts and souls of people all over the world.


On December 17th of the year 1273 Rumi passed away in Turkey after living a full and rewarding life. 745 years later, we remember his wisdom and share his beauty.



(please let us know if you want us to program this some time again)

Entrance fee: € 40,- (your seat is reserved after payment) incl. a festive Persian meal, fit for a Shah!

For reservations, please send an email with your full name, telephone number and number of people to: michael@DISCstorytelling.com. In response you will get a conformation mail with a payment request. NOTE: Only after your payment has been transferred, your seat is reserved.

 @private home around the fireplace. Location details supplied after booking.
29. sep, 2018

"I understand the basics of storytelling, but I would like to master it better !!"

"It was a bundle of fun joining a DISC workshop and I would like more !!" 

 "I have a lot of passion for storytelling. Although I've never done a course, I am willing to jump into deep water !!"

If you recognize one of the inner voices above, this course is exactly for you !!!

Terra and Michael will take you on a fun and exciting journey to deepen "the Craft of Storytelling" in only two days! In this course you will discover the craft beyond basic level, learn practical tools and brush up your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. 


Date: 29, 30 Sept (Sat, Sun) 10h00-17h00
         26, 27 Jan (Sat, Sun) 2019

Location: "DISC" at Old Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague

Fee: Special  offer € 220-  (Official Price is € 330-)

Participants in this course are asked to bring a short story they wish to work with and are ready to tell. (Up to the length or 10 mins)

Limited places (max 6 people), book early enough so you won't miss it!  



2. jul, 2018
“A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.”            -Marianne Williamson

Once we realise, the magic of miracles is already all around us and it is for us to invite this magic to reveal itself into our daily lives. 

"It is an 'undoing' of things,
it is 'letting go' of patterns,
it is 'allowing' the magic to come in."
And this is just what we are going to do, together, in the beautiful dunes of The Hague.
Taken by the the hand by one of the great mythological stories, we will explore centuries old wisdom, we will connect to nature and listen to the whispers of our inner voice.
Every day we will start Strandtent het Puntje in the beautiful dunes of The Hague. We will work with stories, silence, breath and (relaxing) exercises.
These morning retreats will not be about learning Storytelling techniques but truely about experiencing how stories can support us on our personal journeys. A calm awakening of our bodies and souls in the midst of nature, while we discover our magical energy together, find the personal intentions in our hearts and allow the magic to fill our days.
"I would highly recommend this course to all who want to work on their personal development." Bart (48)

Dates: 16-20 July (Mon-Fri) 8-10am
          6-10 Aug (Mon-Fri) 8-10am
Location: in the dunes at Strandtent het Puntje MAP
Fee: € 180,- for all 5 days.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water, a little note book and a pen.
Be aware! this is a morning course for only 2hours a day!

Some quotes:

"Before we started I was thinking what can you possible do in just two hours… Well, you can really shift the whole world! :-) "

"We had such a good time at the beach with this course. I loved the way you facilitated the course. It has been a profound experience for the both of us and still is. It also was a very transformative experience which is still carrying on, as we both embraced the magic that came forward as we opened up ourselves."

"For me the course kept its promise. It was energizing and refreshing … magical. Terra and Francine conducted the course in a professional way, perfectly matching stories, exercises and tasks; so making every session an intense and complete whole."

"This course coming on our path was like this strong synchronicity as it physically opened the door to the new phase in our lives we have worked for many years. :-) "

"On the first – slightly rainy - day we stayed in a protected spot in the dunes. All other sessions were conducted on the beach. I certainly enjoyed the unhampered view of the horizon and the wide space to make use of. I also enjoyed being exposed to the elements (the weather was more than kind to us all week but there is always a breeze tugging at you). I couldn’t have wished for a better place to listen – and hear – my inner voice. It was the perfect location for me."
"It was so lovely to be on the beach. This particular spot is a very nice place, with a gentle open
25. jun, 2018


Stories are one of the best ways of bringing people together.

In today's world where families and friends are often spread far afield, connections between people are often maintained by Facebook, Skype and Instagram.  


How can the ancient art of storytelling help rebuild our communities, whether that community is a far flung family, our friends, immediate neighbours, school, church or business?

Using a wide variety of stories and exercises, we will begin to explore how the storyteller can help us deal with loneliness, isolation and fragmentation and begin to create a new sense of community. Suitable for beginners and those with more storytelling experience. 


Course Leader: Sue Hollingsworth MBA is a co-founder of the International School of Storytelling in the UK(www.schoolofstorytelling.com) and co-author of the best selling "The Storyteller's Way: Sourcebook for Inspired Storytelling". She has been performing and teaching all over the world for 20 years with a particular interest in working with real life stories, the old myths and fairy tales and telling outside in nature. You can find out more about her and her work at www.suehollingsworth.com 

Date: 25-29 June (Mon-Fri) 10h00-17h00

Location: "DISC" at Oude Molstraat 37, 2513 BA The Hague



2. jun, 2018

"I came to a deeper understanding of my own family history."


A unique and inspirational process designed by storytellers Stella Kassimati and Pelin Turgut to empower anyone to find, craft and share their family stories, especially around themes of loss, exile, belonging and making a new home, helping you connect to your roots and place these stories as gifts in to the world.

About the course:

We are all carriers of our family stories - of their strength, resilience and love, as well as the stories that were hidden or silenced out of shame, fear or simply the need to survive. These stories may live on in us like an echo. Giving them a voice is a deeply empowering process. We feel lighter, strengthened, more connected to our roots and a renewed sense of engagement with the world. Join this powerful movement to redeem these lost stories and ground them in our humanity today by recognising the gifts they carry for our own life.

About Stella and Pelin:

Stella Kassimati and Pelin Turgut, a Greek and a Turk, met some years ago and began a tentative friendship. They had both been raised to see the other as an enemy. Indeed, travel between their two neighbouring countries was forbidden until very recently. As they grew closer, they uncovered stories of loss and exile in both their families that crisscrossed the Aegean Sea. As professional storytellers, Stella and Pelin began to share these tales and saw how audiences took them to heart. People of all backgrounds began spontaneously sharing their own stories of their forebears. This course grew out of that personal experience.

Date: 2-3 June (Sat/Sun)  10h00-17h00.
NOTE: the start up ceremony that was planned on Friday evening has been changed into the Ancestor Storytelling Cafe, also on Friday (1st June) from 19h00-21h00.
Location: Lunchroom De Overkant, Stationsweg 32, The Hague



What participants have said:

 “A beautiful course. It helped me to go back in time and go deep, to connect with what is so often overlooked in the distractions and/or everyday rush of life; to develop my sense of who I am. Due to this nature of this course the dynamics, support and care of the group was lovely and inspiring. Thank you Stella and Pelin.” Kekei Harbour


“This was a profoundly moving course, which evoked honesty and tenderness among the participants. I came to a deeper understanding of my own family history. Appreciation also of Stella and Pelin for their sensitive guidance.” Jenny Riva


"Wonderful team support from Stella and Pelin that allowed balance of crafting with room for emotional truth and respect.” Claire Kaplan, project consultant


"This work shifted something profound inside, relating to identity and a celebration of my ancestral family, in spite of some deep sadness within my ancestral story.” Shane Lewis Ibbs, teacher and storyteller


“Stella and Pelin navigated sensitive story with utter kindness and professionalism. They didn’t waste a second and generously gave of themselves to allow the stories to emerge. The work they do is vital at this moment. What they are doing is bringing sorely needed stories into the world. We need more of this.” Glenys Newton, writer and storyteller


Stella Kassimati is an experienced facilitator of workshops. She teaches around the world in both Greek and English, including at The International School of Storytelling and Schumacher College, UK. Stella loves Greek myths and offers workshops on how relevant they are to us today. She has a deep passion for biographical storytelling, with an emphasis on ancestry stories. She has co-developed a successful program called “Gifts from our Ancestors”, enabling adults to craft and publicly perform family tales with the goal of increasing empathy and creating community. She loves teaching the craft of the storyteller because it gives people a voice and empowers them to bring more of themselves into the world.

http://www.schoolofstorytelling.com/about-us/associated-teachers/stella-kassimati.html  and https://www.schumachercollege.org.uk/about/stella-kassimati

Pelin Turgut was a writer for publications such as TIME magazine and The Independent and co-founder of the !F Istanbul International Independent Film Festival before training with The International School of Storytelling in Sussex.
She works with adults of all backgrounds drawing on the healing qualities of fairytale and stories to enable a felt sense of the mythic nature of a life journey. She has a particular interest in the richness of ancestor stories; her own background is Turkish-British and her grandparents came from a vast and varied geography.
She has trained in family constellation work with Svagito Liebermeister for several years and is studying with Daan van Kampenhout, creator of Systemic Ritual. She is a film mentor, storyteller and a facilitator of group workshops that include ritual, stories, meditation and constellation work to allow awareness of the deeper movements of life, and also new possibilities. Pelin leads groups in the UK and Turkey.

http://www.schoolofstorytelling.com/about-us/associated-teachers/pelin-turgut.html and http://pelinturgut.com/about/