• Story Sparkles - a story for every day!

    Every day, till April 6th, we will be putting out sparkling stories to keep your spirits up and to put a smile in your heart.

    - 1 sparkly STORY each day, from across the globe, allowing you to travel around in your mind, through countries and cultures.

    Enjoy these stories in your own time, share them with others and get back to us for more.

  • ONLINE Storytelling Cafe's April 11th & May 9th

    In these Corona times, we are missing our audiences; especially our Cafe's!

    Thank God for ZOOM!

    Upcoming Cafe's will be ONLINE via ZOOM, free for all! You will find the link in our Agenda and via our social media.

    Looking forward to seeing you!
    Francine, Terra & Michael

  • ONLINE Private Coaching Sessions

    Book your own Private Coaching Session on Voice & Presence at any time you like, from anywhere you like!

    Plan your own ONLINE sessions with us and get professional coaching in extending your skills as a public speaker and a passionate storyteller.

  • DID YOU KNOW....?

    You can not tell just any story to any age group. Stories grow with us throughout our lives, situations and age; constantly changing as our own interests, questions and needs develop and grow.
    DISC can come to your school and bring a course to your pupils and/or teachers, at any time. All you need to do is: invite us!

  • Next Step - May 30th & 31st (Sat & Sun)

    A fun and exciting journey to deepen "the Craft of Storytelling" in only two days! In this course you will discover the craft beyond basic level, learn practical tools and brush up your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. We will work in a very small group, with loads of personal coaching.

  • Writers Room Online Taster: 2nd April(Thurs)


    An advanced creative writing ONLINE workshop

    by Ninke Overbeek, professional playwright and Creative Writing teacher.

Storytelling is the most natural way to make people connect to others and to themselves. And we believe the world needs more stories to be told.

At DISC, we will hand you the tools you need to tell and work with stories; may it be professionally or just because you enjoy telling a good story.

- Learn your own storytelling skills in one of our Courses,

- get informed on the Craft at one of our Talks,

- and enjoy feeling connected at our Storytelling Cafe's.

Warm greetings,

Francine, Terra & Michael

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